Born in the USA.
Enjoyed Everywhere.

An American vodka for those who appreciate timeless style and the confidence of good taste.

The American Standard

American Liquor Vodka
From the Heartland

A Vodka for the Modern American

Created by two friends from NY, the American Liquor Company introduces a vodka with a unique combination of quality, American heritage, and modern aesthetic. For the vodka drinker who appreciates timeless style and the confidence of good taste.

Gluten Free

6X Distilled

Handcrafted & Small Batch


Made in USA


A Note from the Founders

The Best Damn Vodka

We're not going to tell you about our microdistillery or the proprietary reverse osmosis filtration process that balances our water's alkalinity. Nor are we going to bore you with our vodka being gluten-free and made out of golden corn straight from America's heartland. But, what we will tell you is that one sip and you'll realize it's the best damn vodka you've ever tasted. Drink up, have fun and be responsible.

Born in the USA

The Founders

American Liquor Vodka
A nod to the past.
Crafted for today.